Required variables in Makefile

Lazy set combined with $(error) will fail a recipe nicely if the user hasn’t provided the value for the var

REQUIRED_VAR = $(error Please supply a value for REQUIRED_VAR)


  • powerline-shell is awesome!
  • Apparently oVirt supports CEPH via the Cinder integration and (since 4.2) via the Ceph iSCSI gateway
  • Libvirt network XML does support static routes on the host, but does not any exceptions to the automatic iptables firewall rules, which probably renders it useles for routing to isolated subnets (like Kubernetes cluster networks) via the VMs
  • Hashidays. Amsterdam, June 25-27




Puppet 4+, Foreman 1.14, and Fedora 27

Kickstart default template tries to install puppet-agent package in the %packages section, but the repo which is set up in the kickstart file only contains puppetlabs-release-pc1.

It looks like only Puppet 5 is supported on FC27. Puppet 5 repo package is available via different URL: and name: puppet-release


There is no right or wrong, just preferences

Concourse CLI

Well designed CLI interface: ./concourse web --help

Warmth - Dopamine

Testing in clojure

  1. Unit-test pure functions only
  2. When dealing with impure functions - extract to pure ones as much as possible. Use dependency injection - this will allow you to use different back-ends later.
  3. Use external integration-testing (Robot, Cucumber, scripts, etc) for testing impure functions in your application

NetworkManager slave connections

Do not use bond-slave, team-slave or bridge-slave as values for the connection.type property. These always default to to 802-3-ethernet connection types. Set specific type (802-3-ethernet or wifi, etc) and the connection.master and connection.slave-type properties instead.